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Born and raised near Lake Constance, Peter Bamler studied acting at Berlin's Academy of the Arts.

After graduation, first engagements at theaters in Duesseldorf followed, and in 1993 Peter Bamler received the city's advancement award.

In 1994 Peter Bamler joined the ensemble of the Deutsches Theater in Goettingen, where he played Lyngstrand in LADY FROM THE SEA, Andrew Bleichenwang in AS YOU LIKE IT, Helm in HERR PAUL by Tankred Dorst, George Pigden in OUT OF CONTROL. He guested as Mike Mitchell in SUNDAY IN NEW YORK at the Komoedie im Bayerischen Hof in Munich, and as Mortimer Brewster in ARSENIC AND OLD LACE at the Comödie Bochum and the Komödie im Bayerischen Hof, also touring Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

For two years Peter Bamler's next station was the Staatsheater Karlsruhe, where he played, among others, Baron Tusenbach in Cechov's THREE SISTERS and Kalil in DIE ARABISCHE NACHT.

Working freelance, Peter Bamler then played Baron von Instetten in EFFI BRIEST in Munich, Kurt in DER TODESTANZ in Hall/Austria, in the German premiere OHIO – WIESO?! in Munich, and Willem, an advocate and factory owner, in THE TRIAL.

He also played in numerous productions at the Berner Theater, e.g. as Gestapo officer Mohr in DIE VERNEHMUNG , Carlos in DIE GRÖNHOLM-METHODE, Josef Tura in SEIN ODER NICHT SEIN, von Gunten in THE PLEDGE, Flynn in DOUBT and Charley in DEATH OF A SALESMAN, Patrick in FRAU MÜLLER MUSS WEG, Vincent in DER VORNAME, Jan-Luc in VENEDIG IM SCHNEE. He debuted there as director in 2011 with 37 POSTCARDS by Michael Mc Keever, followed by Woody Allen's MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S SEX COMEDY, TOUTOU, LENIN and DER CHINESE.

On TV Peter Bamler appeared in EINSATZ FÜR LOHBECK, ANWALT ABEL, SOKO 5113, MEDICOPTER 117 and other series, and in features like, e.g., DAS RÄTSEL DER SCHLANGENGÖTTIN (Christian Bauer), KEIN SPIEL (Johannes Fabrick) and DAS FRÄULEINWUNDER (Sabine Boss). In 2009 he played lead in the documentary DIE ZWEITE HINRICHTUNG DES GEORG ELSER (Jutta Neupert). He was part of the film MUSIK NUR WENN SIE LAUT IST that received the Short Movie Award of the Friedrich-Wilhelm-Murnau-Foundation in 2006.

Recently Peter Bamler mooved to Austria (near Graz).

Theatre Directing


Der Chinese (Benjamin Lauterbach)
Bühne Schwarzenburg


LENIN (Markus Köbeli)
Theater Matte


Toutou (Daniel Besse/Agnès Tutenuit)
Das Theater an der Effingerstraße


A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy (Woody Allen)
Das Theater an der Effingerstraße


37 Postcards (Michael Mc Keever)
Das Theater an der Effingerstraße